All— inclusive implants vs only surgical placement

All Inclusive Implants vs. Surgical Placement Only

If you’ve ever thought about getting dental implants, you might have felt a bit upset once you actually went in for a consult with an implant dentist.

Why? Because more and more dental offices advertise “dental implants,” but they aren’t actually providing the comprehensive procedure from start to finish. They’re only restoring the implants (with a crown, bridge, or denture,) after referring you out to someone else for the surgical placement of the implant root.

Comprehensive Dental Implant Treatments in Beaverton

What makes Dr. Michael Negru different is that our Beaverton office provides comprehensive dental implant therapy. We don’t send you to an off-site oral surgeon that you’ve never met to have the implant placed, and then see you back for the finishing touches. Rather, everything is done right here in our office.

Streamlined Care. Better Results.

Because Dr. Negru is the provider placing and restoring your implant teeth, you get to enjoy:

Fewer dental appointments
A streamlined care process
Visits with a single provider, whom you know and trust
A lower cost of care
Technologically advanced treatment methods

General dentists examine your smile, determine if you’re a candidate for implants, refer you to an oral surgeon, and then see you months later to place your prosthetic teeth. As a dental implant dentist in Beaverton, Dr. Negru does everything himself. Each implant root is precisely guided by a highly experienced provider utilizing the latest in 3D imaging technology. As we monitor your surgical process, we also plan the final restoration and place it in a more efficient manner.

Care from a Provider That You Trust

When you want to replace your missing teeth, Dr. Negru is a Beaverton implant dentist that our patients know and trust. You don’t have to worry about us sending you somewhere else for part of your treatment. Call today to find out if implants re right for you!

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