Dental Implants

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implant Diagram

Dental implants have been called a lot of things over the years – screws, posts, rods…you get the picture. Over the past several decades, implants have transformed from a mesh-like web installed over the entire jaw to an anatomically designed prosthetic tooth.

And now, dental implants are regarded as the standard of care when it comes to tooth replacement.

The Next Best Thing to a Real Tooth

If you’ve struggled with the way your smile looks, or find it uncomfortable to wear other types of prosthesis, then a dental implant is your best option. They’re the closest thing to a natural tooth. Dr. Michael Negru, our implant dentist in Beaverton, recommends brushing and flossing implants just like you would a real tooth. It’s that easy!

What are the components of a dental implant?


A prosthetic root made of titanium, which is anchored into the jaw similar to a natural tooth = IMPLANT

An abutment attached over the implant root, to support the crown = ABUTMENT

Your fixed restoration; whether it is a single crown, multi-tooth bridge, or even a full denture. = IMPLANT CROWN



A Unique Advantage

Unlike replacing your missing teeth with a bridge, partial, or removable denture – implants have the potential to last for life. How? Because the titanium root encourages new bone growth. Your jaw literally fuses with the implant, so that it can support more weight than even a healthy tooth is capable of.

Our Beaverton implant dentist can use a single implant to replace an individual tooth, or as few as four implants to anchor a fixed, full mouth denture. Your options are limitless!

Dental Implants in Beaverton

Our implant expert implements only the latest in technology to make your treatment experience as simple as possible. With 3D scanning, we can pinpoint exactly where each implant sits before your scheduled surgery.

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