Denture Stabilization

A Permanent Way to Restore Your Entire Smile

If you have lost many or all of your teeth, you already know that it is no laughing matter. You may be thinking about or facing the very real difficulties that arise from simple activities you once took for granted. Without your natural teeth, you may find that eating your favorite food, speaking clearly, or just flashing a brilliant smile have become a source of real frustration. With time, you may also begin to see the effects on your facial profile as bone deterioration begins to change the shape of your lips and cheeks.

Are Dentures the Right Solution for Me?

A set of conventional dentures can give you back much of the functionality of your natural teeth, but they also have some drawbacks to consider. For instance, with conventional dentures, there is the risk of slippage or loss of suction while you are eating or talking. Beyond these complications, there is also the possibility of a poor fit, sore areas, infection, speech irregularities, and the need for frequent adjustments.

Stabilizing Your Dentures With Implants

Denture ImplantsOur Beaverton implant dentist can provide you with an advanced solution that combines high quality surgical techniques with the best in dental implant technology. This solution comes in the form of slimmer, streamlined dentures that can be securely anchored with just a few precisely placed dental implants. Dr. Negru might advise this solution if you are interested in dentures that:

If you’re embarrassed by the loss of most of your teeth or are thinking about getting dentures, give us a call today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Michael Negru is happy to talk with you about the advantages of stabilizing your dentures with as few as 4 high quality implants. Financing plans are available!