Dental Implant Costs

Dental Implant Costs

How-Much-Do-Dental-Implants-CostIf you’re like most people, you probably think that dental implants are too expensive to consider when it comes to replacing your missing teeth. Surprisingly to most, the cost of dental implants in Beaverton has dramatically decreased over the past several years.  As technology becomes more advanced, the overall cost of the implant procedure has become more streamlined. This, in turn, makes it a more affordable option to everyday people just like you.  Implant prices aren’t exactly a flat price that can be quoted over the phone. A specialized 3D scan of the jaw,  as well as a dental implant consultation will need to be performed  in order to be able to accurately determine the cost involved with placing an implant. There are many different factors that affect the cost, such as:

Number of Teeth Being Replaced
Your overall cost of implant treatment is first dependent on the number of teeth being replaced. But surprisingly, replacing 10 teeth isn’t the same thing as the price of one implant, multiplied 10 times. Rather, it depends on the type of restoration that you’re choosing, and the total number of implant roots.  For instance, if you’re replacing a single tooth – you’re investing in a single implant root, an abutment, and then a porcelain crown. If you’re replacing all of your upper teeth – you’re investing in about four implant roots (maybe 6, depending on the quality of your bone,) 4 abutments, and then a streamlined denture.

Additional Therapies Needed
Depending on your oral anatomy, you may or may not need to have a sinus lift or bone graft prior to treatment with our Beaverton implant dentist.

Get an Itemized Treatment Plan

Getting implants might be much more affordable than you thought they would be! We can also work with your dental insurance provider to maximize coverage while minimizing out of pocket expenses. For more information, call us to schedule a Beaverton dental implant consultation.