Top Technology for Implant and Surgical Procedures

Dental implants have dramatically transformed over the past several decades. What was once a major surgery for only the wealthiest of individuals is now regarded to be a straightforward process that’s considered the standard of care in modern tooth replacement. As implants have evolved into a natural-looking prosthetic tooth, the technology used in the process has drastically reduced treatment times and the surgical process involved.

Here are just a few examples of technology that Beaverton dental implant dentist, Dr. Michael Negru, utilizes at our practice:

3D CT Scanner


cs1You’ve had 2D dental x-rays taken before – but what about a 3D CBCT cone beam scan? This low-radiation imaging tool provides accurate diagnostics so that your implant procedure can be planned around everything from the nerve tissues to lining of the sinus cavity. It’s what makes it possible for us to provide complete dental implant treatments without turning patients away or sending them to an oral surgeon.



Cerec Omnicam  — Next Day Implant Crowns

Dr. Negru uses CEREC Omnicam to produce customized Implant Crowns in-house. This CAD/CAM technology allows you to receive your dental crown in less time. CEREC reduces your number of office visits and eliminates the need for temporaries which are used when dental crowns are created in a lab.

Dr. Negru is one of the very few dentists in Beaverton to be pioneering Cerec technology.  Click on the link below for Dr. Negru’s Cerec experience https://www.cereconline.com/contentmgr/showdetails.php/id/9409 



Soft Tissue Laser

dental laser

Instead of invasive surgical tools, our implant dentist uses a soft tissue laser to uncover the implant at the time of placing your abutment. This reduces your discomfort and omits the need for sutures.




Piezosurgery Touch

Piezosurgery4This advanced piezoelectric technology minimizes trauma to soft tissues such as a sinus membrane and provides precise instrumentation when preparing the bony areas of the jaw for implant placement or for bone grafting and sinus lift procedures. Dr. Negru uses this technology because of quicker healing times and the precision that it has to offer during complex dental implant cases.




OPMI pico Dental Microscope


mic2Dr Negru uses the latest dental microscope that Zeiss has to offer. The OPMI pico is a compact dental microscope that illuminates as well as magnify to allow a better look than what can be seen by the just the human eye. This is helpful in microsurgeries, implant placements, sinus lifts and other complex clinical applications that require the utmost precision.



If you’ve been told that implants weren’t an option, or are looking for a Beaverton implant dentist – we would love to hear from you! Dr. Negru is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and is your trusted provider for implant therapy in Beaverton. We’re currently accepting new patients. Financing plans are available.