Sinus Lifts

In-House Sinus Lift Surgery

In order to be a candidate for implants, you need to have adequate bone in your upper jaw. If you lost your teeth years ago, or have had gum disease – the sinuses above your jaw may reach much further down than they should.Why is this a problem? Because if you put a dental implant there, it would damage the the sinus lining.  Also implant stability would be a problem in the long term if not enough bone surrounds and supports the implant.  That will end up in the loss of the implant over time.  Thankfully, a sinus lift procedure can keep that from happening!


What’s Involved?

Instead of referring you to an expensive, off-site oral surgeon, our highly skilled Beaverton implant dentist, Dr. Michael Negru, performs all sinus lift procedures right here in our office.

First, a small window (or “flap”) is made in your gums, and the sinus lining is gently raised. After the sinus membrane is lifted a bone graft in the area is added to create or add the bone in your jaw. Once this is achieved, he can install the dental implant right where you need it.

Many people are turned away by “implant dentists” because they lack bone or need additional support such as a sinus lift. Not here! Dr. Negru has completed hundreds of implant procedures and utilizes the most advanced technology to maximize your experience while minimizing your recovery time.

If you’ve been told that you needed a sinus lift to finally enjoy a new smile that you can feel confident in – our implant dentist in Beaverton is happy to help! Call now!